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We Match Brands to Bloggers & Influencers.


What We Do

Influencer Collaborations.

We work directly with influencers that match our client's brand. We'll shape campaigns and work closely with influencers to help craft advertising campaigns connected to their audience.


We work with publishers to build content partnerships, releasing blog content which matches up to our client's brand in subtle but powerful ways.

Advertising Management. 

We find the best way to utilize your advertising spend, often by running native advertising campaigns across communities and websites where your customers are waiting.

Your Data.

We'll constantly evaluate the ROI of our campaigns and analyze data to ensure we're constantly adjusting for best performance.

PR Outreach Campaigns.

If you're launching a new product or venture, we'll fully manage outreach campaigns to get them in front of the people who matter.

Hello, I’m George!

Here to take your Influencer Marketing to the next level.

I founded because I saw a gap in the marketplace. Facebook and Google ads were becoming incredibly expensive, and especially Facebook ads much harder to target. Our mission is to collaborate with bloggers, journalists and influencers to help our brands advertise in more meaningful ways.


Brands & Partnerships

What People Are Saying

I couldn't recommend BrandMatcher highly enough! We wanted a solution to help improve relevant backlinks from bloggers in our industry, and that's exactly what the team delivered. On top of that, our account manager Enrique gave us a ton of options for social media collaborations as well.

Lindsey Wallace - Beauty Brands 

Brand Building Blog

Let's Get Started

Drop me an email and let's discuss your campaign today. 

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